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New Alias

The legendary game for the company in a new convenient shell!
All you need is one phone and New Alias!
The game is suitable for any party! Play at home in the bar, restaurant.

You will need to share at least 2 teams and make each other words from the game.
Play for fun or challenge each other to arrange a real competition!
Just try it, it’s more funny than it sounds!

Many new topics from Fantasy to 18+, from Drinks to Space!
Download and get 4 themes absolutely FREE!
We have Hardcore theme with the most difficult words and phrases for the toughest players!

There are all the necessary settings!
Change the time of the round, Points for victory, Last word for everyone, Penalty for fails!
Play as you want.

Tired of old words? Download New Alias for free!
Words in the game are regularly updated.
Also wait for NEW THEMES and new interesting settings! It’s a lot of fun!

In any incomprehensible situation – launch New Alias!
You will find all the rules inside the game.


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